Help Stop Puppy Mills =PLEASE HELP=


Dear Animal Advocates,

There is a giant loophole in U.S. law concerning the federal oversight of large-scale commercial dog breeders (commonly known as puppy mills). Currently, breeders who sell to puppy brokers and pet stores have to be licensed by the USDA, while those who sell puppies directly to the public do not.

However, a new bill before the U.S. House of Representatives, the Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety (PUPS) Act, will bring all commercial dog breeders in the United States under federal oversight by requiring any breeder who sells or offers to sell more than 50 dogs annually to the public-including over the Internet-to be licensed and inspected. The bill will also require all licensed breeders to exercise every dog daily.

The PUPS Act has been introduced in past Congressional sessions, but has always timed out. We’ve been given another chance at enacting this extremely important humane legislation, which would improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of dogs nationwide.

What You Can Do
It is vital that members of Congress hear that puppy mill reform is important to their constituents. Please visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center to email your U.S. representative in Washington, D.C., and urge him or her to support and cosponsor the PUPS Act.

Thank you for your continued support of the ASPCA and our nation’s animals!

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No oil drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and arctic seas! =PLEASE HELP=


Tell Senator Begich: No oil drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and arctic seas!


The mindless calls of “drill here, drill now!” are once again imperiling some of our most unique lands and waters, including Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and the Chukchi and Beaufort seas.

You might think that Alaska’s Democratic Senator Mark Begich would be the first in line to defend these Alaskan treasures from the ravages of oil drilling. Think again.

Begich recently told The Juneau Empire that the time was ripe for drilling, and that he’s been encouraging President Obama to open to drilling these (as yet) preserved areas.1 That would be a tragedy.

Tell Senator Begich: No drilling in precious Alaska! Protect ANWR and the Arctic. Click here to automatically sign the petition.

After the devastating Deepwater Horizon catastrophe in the gulf, and Alaska’s own Exxon Valdez disaster, Begich should know better than to imperil these areas and the wildlife, and tribal peoples who depend on them.

A spill in the Arctic would have unimaginably worse consequences. With the extreme cold, extended darkness, ferocious storms and eight to nine months of sea ice, there is actually no proven way to “clean up” an arctic oil spill.

The great tragedy is, disturbing or irreparably devastating these areas by opening them to oil drilling might be a boon to oil companies, but it won’t materially effect global oil supply, or make a dent in the price we pay at the pump.

Oil companies already sit on almost 30 million acres of unused onshore federal oil and gas leases alone, including land in Alaska. Rather than exposing new areas to promote the oil companies’ narrow interests, Senator Begich should be protecting these Alaskan treasures.

Tell Senator Begich: No drilling in precious Alaska! Protect ANWR and the Arctic. Click here to automatically sign the petition.

It really is sad. Our country is totally dependent on a fuel that’s price is unstable, that wreaks environmental catastrophe when it goes wrong, and that’s use is heading our society toward a monumental global crisis, and the best response of Republicans and many Democrats is “more please!”

Senator Begich isn’t the only one talking about drilling in Alaska. Yesterday House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Doc Hastings introduced a piece of legislation that would force the sale of oil leases in areas including the Arctic Sea, and Sen. David Vitter will be introducing legislation as soon as today to open ANWR to oil exploration.

Even President Obama got into the act, calling for more Alaskan drilling yesterday while laying out his unambitious energy agenda. But Alaska is Begich’s backyard. And he should know better.

Tell Senator Begich: No drilling in precious Alaska! Protect ANWR and the Arctic. Click here to automatically sign the petition.

Thank you for taking action.

Ron G.

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Dear friends across the U.S.,

The Grand Canyon is threatened by a huge wave of uranium mining — and the deadline for public comment is in six days. Lets flood the consultation with messages and tell the federal government to save the Grand Canyon. — Submit a comment today and send this to everyone:

Sign a message!

The Grand Canyon, one of America’s greatest treasures, is threatened by a huge wave of Uranium mining — and the deadline for public comment is in six days.

For two years, a hard-won moratorium on mining has protected the Canyon, but the ban is now set to expire. If the federal government doesn’t renew it, a “Uranium Rush” of mining would permanently scar the face of this unique and priceless land, devastate local communities, and endanger water supplies for millions who live nearby.

Lobbyists are right now pushing the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to open the floodgates for mines, but a 20 year ban is on the table. A public outcry helped secure the embargo last time and if enough of us raise the alarm again we could ensure the Canyon is mine free — this time for decades. The deadline for public comment is April 4th — Let’s flood the public consultation with messages to save the Grand Canyon! Send a comment now, and tell everyone to do the same:

During the Bush years, Uranium prices soared — and the mining industry rushed to stake mining claims on the federal land where the Grand Canyon sits. Over 1,100 mining claims have already been filed within 5 miles of the Grand Canyon. To mine uranium, companies rip up huge tracts of land to extract radioactive material — before processing it for use in weapons and nuclear power plants.

The sheer destruction of the mines led the Havasupai Indians, who live in the canyon itself, and all tribal governments in northern Arizona to ban uranium mining on all their lands. Such opposition, paired with widespread public pressure, helped persuade the Obama administration to put in place the temporary ban shortly after it took office.

But now the mining moratorium his running out — Uranium extraction is more lucrative than ever, and the pressure coming from the powerful mining lobby is intense. Only a massive wave of national pressure can keep the Grand Canyon off-limits to destructive uranium mining. Let’s make the public’s voice impossible to ignore — send a message here:

America’s national park system is one of our greatest progressive legacies. But it’s always been a battle to protect it — with lobbyists for private profiteering building strength. This week, one of the most beloved icons of our natural heritage is on the line. Let’s unite around a vision of our nation that preserves its beauty for our children, their children, and all the generations to come.

With hope,

Ben, Brianna, Iain, Mia, Heather, Ricken, and the whole Avaaz team

More information

The New York Times: The Grand Canyon Uranium Rush

Treehugger: Uranium “Yellow Monster” Threatens Grand Canyon

Uranium Mining 101

Report:Grand Canyon Threatened by Approval of Uranium Mining Activities

Thank you for your help!

Ron G.

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Canadian Nuclear Plant Leaks Radioactive Water Into Lake Ontario


Canadian Nuclear Plant Leaks Radioactive Water Into Lake Ontario

With all the focus placed on the Japanese radiation leak as well as the toxic plume of radioactive particles (possibly containing uranium and plutonium) heading for the United States, another potential disaster is receiving virtually no attention.

Of course, attention should be paid to the Japanese situation. Nevertheless, it seems the continent of North America is being hit from two sides in terms of radiation danger.

On March 16, a report was released by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) stating that Canada’s Ontario Power Generation has released radioactive water into Lake Ontario via a leak in the Pickering A nuclear generating station.

As a result of what appears to be a pump seal failure, tens of thousands of litres of radioactive water escaped the generating station on Monday and ended up in Lake Ontario.

This is concerning for a number of reasons, but it is especially concerning considering the fact that Lake Ontario is the main source of drinking water for millions of people.

No doubt this is an attempt to hush concern over another radioactive accident amid anxiety over the catastrophe in Japan.

So they can push the “Nuclear is safe” agenda, just like coal, oil and gas companies do. No doubt the new speech about nuclear will include “A little radiation won’t hurt anyone, it’s natural.”

John Luxat, an “expert” on radiation from McMaster University claims the water that found its way into Lake Ontario Monday is actually not radioactive at all. In an interview with the CTV News Channel, Luxat stated, “It is not radioactive; it is not going through the reactors.

It is actually just going through steam generators to produce steam to drive the turbines. It is used to remove heat from the heavy water going into the generators, but it doesn’t at any time go into the reactor.”

However, it conflicts with a report (that was meant to be reassuring) from OPG itself. Also in the same interview with CTV News Channel, Ted Gruetzner of OPG said, “People are concerned about nuclear power, but this particular incident is normal water with a bit of radiation. It is well below our regulatory and other limits.”

Apparently, the nuclear industry was unable to get its story straight this time around.

According to Mr. Luxat, there is no radiation involved with this water spill. But Mr. Gruetzner has admitted that there is. As an employee of OPG, it would not seem to be to his advantage to make such an admission, so we can assume with great probability that there is, at the very least, some radiation now polluting  Lake Ontario.

As Gordon Edwards, spokesperson for the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility, stated, “That water came from the spent fuel bays right into Lake Ontario. The spent fuel bays in Japan are currently the source of some of the greatest radiation exposures.

If there is an accident in Pickering, the fact that there is a direct pathway from the spent fuel bay into Lake Ontario should be quite alarming.”

I guess the Untied States is not the only country ruled by Big Industry, which is allowed to ruin the environment at the cost of the people.

This is another reason we should keep fighting for renewable, safe, clean energy for all the world.

Read More: CBC News

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Japan Nuclear, Earthquake, and Tsunami News (Continually Updated) Solar Compared (Gram for Gram) to Nuclear and Coal

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Common Pet Poisons Lurking in your Garden…more


Dog with Flowers 1. Common Pet Poisons Lurking in Your Garden
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Sad Puppy 4. Game-Changing Puppy Mill Bill Reintroduced in Congress
We’re hoping the third time’s the charm for the Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety Act, which would


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Please Help Save Americas Wild Heards


Dear Animal Advocates,

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the agency that oversees our country’s wild horses and burros, is asking for comments by March 30, 2011, on a plan that it views as a “new direction” for wild horse management. Since the BLM continues to ignore the public and members of Congress who want to insure the well-being of our wild horses and burros, we’re asking you to weigh in on its proposal and make it very clear what the agency should and should not be doing.

We at the ASPCA are concerned that the BLM’s proposed changes do not go nearly far enough. Its “strategy” continues to focus on the removal of wild horses from public lands, rather than restoring the millions of acres that should be theirs. Moreover, the BLM’s plan continues to fall short in not providing adequate transparency during roundups and not using the most humane methods possible. These are but some of the important reasons we need you to raise your voices during this brief period when the BLM is inviting public comment.

What You Can Do
Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center right now to learn more about the BLM’s new wild horse proposal and to quickly send an email containing your comments to Bob Abbey, the agency’s director. Please keep in mind, comments are being accepted only until March 30, so there’s no time to waste.

Thank you for your continued support of our nation’s imperiled wild herds.

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End commercial whaling once and for all! =PLEASE SIGN=

End commercial whaling once and for all!
I was appalled to hear — on Earth Day of all days — that the International Whaling Commission has put forward a deal that would legalize commercial whaling for the first time in a generation.

Even worse, the Obama Administration has backed this deadly proposal, which would suspend the international ban on whaling and make it legal once again to kill whales for profit.

During his campaign, President Obama promised America he would oppose the killing of these magnificent creatures. It’s time for you and me to hold him to that promise.

Please call on the White House to oppose any deal that would legitimize the hunting and killing of whales. GO HERE >

Obama Administration officials claim that the IWC deal would be a "step forward" for whales because it could rein in Japan, Iceland and Norway, which have killed thousands of whales since 1986 by exploiting loopholes in the whaling ban.

But, in fact, this new deal is a giant step backward. It rewards those three nations for years of defying international law. It does their bidding by suspending the whaling ban for 10 years. It opens up the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary to whaling. And it will not stop them from trading in whale meat or killing whales under legal loopholes like "scientific permits."

Don’t believe for a minute that this kind of deal would phase down whaling. Instead, it would breathe new life into a dying industry.

Worst of all, the deal gives moral cover to the absurd notion that we can save whales by killing them — instead of by banning their slaughter.

There is no moral justification for killing whales. There is no scientific justification for killing whales.

And if the Obama Administration persists in supporting a deal that encourages the killing of whales, it will tarnish not only the White House but our entire nation.

Please join me in telling President Obama to vigorously oppose this deal and instead push for a deal that closes the loopholes and ends commercial whaling once and for all! GO HERE >

Thanks to the efforts of NRDC, you and I have prevailed so many times in defense of our planet’s whales. We saved the gray whale’s last untouched nursery in Mexico’s San Ignacio Lagoon against Mitsubishi’s plans for industrialization. And we reined in the Navy’s use of dangerous sonar systems around marine mammals.

Now, with our own government supporting an unthinkable deal that would legalize the commercial killing of whales, we must unite again and say: Not on our watch!

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